Lab2Cam Conversion Kit

Turning your Instant Lab into
a highly professional Instant Camera

The Dream

The Lab2Cam Conversion Kit makes several of our analog photography dreams come true at once by simply converting the Impossible Instant Lab into maybe the BEST INSTANT CAMERA EVER:

  • with the excellence of an SX-70 lens and a vintage COPAL shutter
  • that gets the very best out of the current Impossible films and is fully manually adjustable
  • that can be built at home by everyone DIY style

In hours-long handwork, Henny Waanders himself manufactured the Lab2Cam Conversion Kit in his workshop in Eibergen, Netherlands.

He patiently prepared the SX-70 lens for assembly, hand-cut each holder for the Copal shutter and clued all parts diligently together.

The two main components - the rare SX-70 lenses and original Copal shutters - come from his garage, which is actually more of a treasure chest filled with such photographic rarities. To merge them with the Instant Lab, the Impossible Project thankfully provided the necessary spare parts.

Every single Lab2Cam Conversion Kit was built and tested by Henny with all his incredible care and expertise. He even did a very last quality check when personally packing the 44 lenses at our Supersense headquarters. Also, each special edition certificate has been hand-signed and numbered by our true hero of analog Instant Cameras.

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The Inventor

Henny Waanders

When we started the Impossible Project in 2008, we did that on one condition: we would only focus on inventing a new instant film, without approaching the temptation of also creating an upgraded, new analog Instant Cameras. Which is what we did.

Until we met Henny Waanders. In his 40 years career at Polaroid, he has been in charge of a team working on new applications and new product concepts. We realized that someone with a vast instant-camera-understanding, knowledge and expertise like him would make it possible to really start a new camera project.

Polaroid used to develop every single camera from scratch, a real challenge for engineering and production. But Henny already had a more innovative and modern approach in mind: the idea of a Film Processing Unit (FPU) - which would serve as a basis and an open source device for all sorts of analog Instant Cameras.

The FPU has already served as a basis for Impossible Instant Lab and the Supersense 66/6 Pinhole camera that sold out much too fast. Now, the FPU’s open source possibilities are being used and proudly demonstrated for the first, fully manual adjustable Instant Camera with an SX-70 lens. Maybe the highest quality integral film camera in history.

How To


The conversion process to turn your Instant Lab into a manually adjustable camera with an SX-70 lens only takes a few seconds and can easily be reversed anytime. In our video, Henny Waanders personally shows you how to do it:

Required tools:

  • A small Phillips screwdriver 00 or 0
  • A flat and non-sharp device (e.g. a small ruler, a pick, the back of a pen,... )

  1. Remove the phone cradle
    Open the Lab's tower, press the detents of the upper tower section - and off the cradle goes. Close the tower again.
  2. Take off the large bottom plate
    Unscrew the 2 little screws, slide the plate sightly backwards and take it off. Slide out the darkslide.
  3. Take out the Instant Lab lens unit
    From above, add slight pressure to disengage the two inner sections of the tower which contain the Lab's lens unit. Remove it.
  4. Prepare Henny's lens for installation
    By unscrewing the 4 screws, take the lens out of its holding plate.
  5. Build in the lens
    Insert the lens unit bottom-first through the tower. Make sure you insert the lens unit in the right orientation: the lettering "Copal Press" should be directed towards the eject button. Pull the tower up and fix the lens by placing the 4 locating screws back in. Collapse the tower and push the shutter back in.
  6. Place the bottom plate back in place by inserting the screws - and you're done!


  1. Settings
    You can use any Impossible Film. Use a light meter or download any light meter app. Measure the light on your shooting location. Don't forget to choose the right ASA according to the film: SX 70 film has 100 ASA, 600 film has 600 ASA. Set aperture, time and distance.
  2. Shoot
    Unfold the tower. Before taking a photo, don't forget to pull out the Instant Lab's shutter slide and to eject the darkslide if you have inserted a new film.
    To make double or multiple exposures, simply take as many exposures as wished before pressing the eject button.
  3. Eject
    Eject the photo by pressing the eject button. Handle your Impossible photo with care.


Lab2Cam Conversion Kit


Limited Edition of 44 Units
Handcrafted by Henny Waanders
Signed and numbered Edition Certificate

€ 244